Good Feelings – My Secret to Feeling Better Quickly & Acceptance

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Creating Good Feelings – Feeling Better Quickly and Acceptance through Allowing… Not so good feelings – We all have things in our lives that we go through and sometimes we don’t like them very much at all. The fact remains that what “is” simply “is”. Resisting those things in our lives that we have no […]

“Tell my child to stop eating sugar”

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The anxious woman took her son to see Mahatma Ghandi, anxious about his health.  “please sir tell my child to stop eating sugar” Ghandi said to her ” bring your child back in 2 weeks” After 2 weeks the child returned with the woman.  Ghandi looked the child in the eye and said “stop eating […]

Caterpillars can talk?

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Apparently.  Whether they can or not I’m just happy somebody came up with these words or wisdom.   The caterpillar asked “how does one become a butterfly” The response “One must want so much to become a butterfly that they are willing to stop being a caterpillar”