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I just have to tell you that when Joseph  so many moons ago, suggested that I start blogging,   “You want me to start what?”  “A BLOG” he insisted.  “What does that mean?” I asked (recognizing that perhaps I have been living under a rock at least at times)

He did quite a sell job on it, in that some of the highlights are that I can just write the way I want to write.  So today maybe an article, tomorrow maybe some thoughts.  I can write a whole bunch of stuff one day and then nothing for a long time… whatever I want.  Goodness can any body resist that?, I mean so much freedom, and so much freedom of expression….not I for certain…remember I talk for living, I spend my days expressing myself.

You of course are reading this at this very moment (you being you of course, no one else I do mean you)  I would like to encourage you to do more than read.  I would like to encourage you to  contribute to this blog by sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Within you is a pool of inspiration and stories, share one with me I’d love to hear it….then I can share it with others.  Maybe you’ve got something on your mind or even a question that I or another reader can help you with…just hit “comments” and you too can start blogging now! 

I do want to add this… there are those and you know who you are,  I am asking nicely that without exception you always maintain your highest level of integrity and respect for yourself and for others while contributing to this blog. You keep this promise and I promise to do the same.

 That’s it for now friends,  Enjoy!

for my heart for your success!


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One Response to "Welcome to my Blog."
  1. Red says:

    Yee Haa!! Yahooo!! Yip-Yip!! Have a Coke and a Smile Baby!!!
    I’m excited coz this blog project is Great !
    Well my take on it is, people love connecting with people they love connecting with. Some enjoy the fun that the connection generates, others the gossip value, the complaining value, the bragging value, you know…we’re human. With Jackie, I buzz connecting coz its Real, Crazy, Funny and Honouring… So having a peek into her house was like being invited for the first time to a good friends house.

    OH!! and how powerful is it to be vunerable and stand “as-is” for anyone to see through the blog. So Good-On-Ya for that Jackie. A fine example.


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