Women at clutter filled desk

Key To Success: Clearing Clutter & Handling What You’ve Got…

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Bob arrives at his home. He enters the front hallway opens the closet, throws his things inside and as he walks away he leaves the door open. His shoes lay haphazardly, partially covering another pair of shoes and his jacket hangs off the hanger, one shoulder drooping out of shape. He goes into the kitchen […]

A little willingness goes a long way…

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Last week I was in Canada. I received a rather desperate phone call through a referral. When I got there, things were exactly as I was told by the leader who contacted me. The situation was not good… It seems that despite how brilliant we are or how passionate we are about the work we […]

Success Strategies – Rest

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Rest has as long as I remember one of my biggest challenges.  Even as a teen the fear of becoming “lazy” or  “wasting the day away” were deeply embedded in my mind. These fears I unknowingly brought with me into adulthood, and even today I can truly say that when it’s time to rest, well I […]