NLP Meta Model – How one little word changes everything…

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Modal Operators of Necessity – Can’t vs. Don’t – Meta Model language patterns… In NLP the Meta Model refers to specific patterns of language that effect how you frame your ideas about our behaviour. By changing one little word you can change how your thinking or saying something feels, as well as have a HUGE […]

Over where?

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I had just returned from one of my distant adventures… Some people call it “work”  but I just find that word so limiting and somehow inaccurate…regardless.  I had just returned and was eager for some quiet time with my family. My family isn’t big on quiet time.  As a matter of fact how I live […]

Universal whatchya macallit?

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Ok so by now enough internal fog has cleared since your NLP Practitioner Training that you may find yourself asking some questions about some of the terminology within the Meta Modal and Milton Modal.  (Now if you just read that and are asking Meta who Milton when? my timing is perfect) I’ve decided that to […]