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Success Strategies – Rest

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Rest has as long as I remember one of my biggest challenges. 

Even as a teen the fear of becoming “lazy” or  “wasting the day away” were deeply embedded in my mind. These fears I unknowingly brought with me into adulthood, and even today I can truly say that when it’s time to rest, well I still resist.

I have come a long way in that I now go to bed a decent hour (decent for me is anytime between 9 – 11 pm) and sleep until 6 – or 7 am.  I sleep on airplanes while I travel, I do the same in cars (my husband is grateful for that ha ha). While I wait at airports or anywhere for that matter more often than not I resist the urge to answer emails, or read  and I’ll just sit still and keep my mind quiet. 

So in many ways I’ve learned to rest…at least my mind.

However resting my body….I find going to sleep when my body is telling me to, well more than a little bit tricky.  You see my thoughts continually remind me that I’ve got work to do, or that I’ve taken enough time off work. Or that it’s the middle of the day, or like this week, I’ve been reminded several times that “you just woke up you can’t possibly be tired”  Yet I am.

This week has been particularly challenging as my body has been aching, and my eyes have been burning.  All I can think of is sleep.  Yet I resist. Fortunately for me, my body starting talking on the weekend. On the weekends I’m a little easier to let myself off the hook and allow some “down time” which I did.

By the time Monday came I was feeling no better. I think I have the flu, but I’m not certain because well I’ve been “power” dosing my vitamin C and such. This makes my dilemma even greater (goodness where my mind can travel to) Now I’m not full blown “sick” just full of aches and pains and oooh so sleepy. What to do? Do I ignore my body’s cry, and wait and see if her cry turns to anguish and screams of pain? Or do I pay attention now and go and take a nap?

Sleep promotes clear thought and a healthy body. Two absolutely essential ingredients to Success. Without them life becomes even more challenging.  

When we’ re not properly rested we are more irritable, less focussed and lack patience. Combine those with  the physical dependancy so many of us have acquired for drugs (caffeine) …well it’s no wonder there is so much anger, never mind road rage.

So what to do?

Here’s some tips

1. Going to sleep earlier

2. When we’re under the weather get some sleep (sleep by the way is the way the body heals)

3. Give yourself a pyjama day at least every three months or so.  A whole day where you stay in your pyjamas

4. Get away, every quarter, nowhere fancy and it doesn’t have to be overnight…remember a change is as good as a rest.

5. Go on vacation and actually vacation.  Take the kids but make sure you get away without them.  You need the rest and they need the independence.

and …. pull back on the caffeine…it will be uncomfortable just for a little while, but your body and mind will thank you for it (not to mention your kids, friends and family …I know mine did)

Time for a nap



Success Strategies – Rest was last modified: June 13th, 2014 by Jackey Backman
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2 Responses to "Success Strategies – Rest"
  1. geraldine says:

    It’s so easy to tell yourself to rest, but obeying what you know is right for you is one of the biggest issues that we have nowadays, I think.

    • Jackey says:

      lol! learning to do what is “right” for us is what we have come here to learn. lol it’s never easy to break away from the habits and conditioning of our environments, but it is however nonetheless essential, at least for those who are intent on discovering their truth. Great comment Geraldine, and for all of you – get some rest, you’ll feel better and think better and have more energy to make the “right” choices for your self. hug Jackey

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