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Key To Success: Clearing Clutter & Handling What You’ve Got…

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Women at clutter filled desk

Bob arrives at his home. He enters the front hallway opens the closet, throws his things inside and as he walks away he leaves the door open.

His shoes lay haphazardly, partially covering another pair of shoes and his jacket hangs off the hanger, one shoulder drooping out of shape.

He goes into the kitchen and the dishes are still there from the night before, there’s a half of a glass of juice on the counter and it appears his cat’s digestive system did not enjoy the leftover.

Unwrapped leftovers fill his refrigerator and he decides that nothing look appetizing enough to eat…he’ll make plans to eat out.

He throws his wallet off towards the counter and then finds a clear a spot on the couch to sit. The news paper he was looking at over the weekend is still out and he fumbles through it again, unsuccessfully looking for something he will do later that night.

The phone rings, but he can’t find it.

It’s not in the handset holder, he tilts his head, opens his eyes wide (I’m not certain why we do this but it seems to help us hear) and then dives into cushion, retrieving the handset.


It’s a friend, and now he has a dinner mate.

Bob heads to the bedroom, walks past his unmade bed, and fumbles through the clothes dryer looking for something to wear.  His closet has pieces of this and that, but nothing complete. So he decides the slacks he’s wearing are just fine and pulls out a wrinkled….but clean t shirt from the dryer….”it will smooth out once I put it on” (he lies to himself).

Bob pops over to his desk to pick up the book he promised his friend he’d return to them.  “Hmmm where is that book?”  He finds wrappers from snacks from days ago, dirty glass, a half finished can of pop, some unopened mail, and no sign of the book.  “oh well I’ll have to return it next time, no biggie it’s just a book” he tries to convince himself.

Running out the door, now already 15 minutes late he starts to scurry around looking for his keys…there they are!  “Aha I’m out of here.”

Naturally when he gets to the car, the gas tank is empty and as the engine starts the “service your vehicle” light flashes.  “I really should do something about that” he says to himself as he drives away.

The really scary part about this story is that How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything…

If that is how Bob approaches his home life that is how he will approach everything.

I realize some of you will argue…feel free, it doesn’t change the fact that what is happening on the outside is what is happening on the inside.  If it’s affecting one aspect of our lives it’s affecting all aspects of our lives.  Perhaps to different degrees, but it is happening none the less.

Keep in mind as well, that if every thing we do or touch in the course of the day takes one bit of mind space…just imagine how it is affecting Bobs productivity and results by having so many bits of unfinished business or uncompleted tasks.

You’re never going to get to it if you can’t see what it is you want to get to.

Here’s some tips on keeping your mind clutter free and therefore keeping the path wide open for all the good stuff you want in life.

  1. Start only what you’ll finish.
  2. Commit only to what you can do and will do.
  3. Don’t start a new project until you’ve finished the one you’re working on now.
  4. If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing.

Conclusion …

“Handle what you’ve got and then you’ll get more of what you want!

Key To Success: Clearing Clutter & Handling What You’ve Got… was last modified: September 22nd, 2010 by Jackey Backman
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One Response to "Key To Success: Clearing Clutter & Handling What You’ve Got…"
  1. Namaste Atma says:

    Awesome Article i too 60 percent as above Bob~ Now I am doing my best~ (INFP)

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