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NLP At Work – In A Nutshell!

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In A Nutshell… It’s time to say “Goodbye” to what no longer serves you and say “Hello” to whatever it is that you want! Take the NLP Intro online course and discover the Magic of NLP right now! Click To Get Instant Access!

NLP At Work – Making Good Decisions

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Learning your blueprint for making good decisions means… You learn what your good decision strategy is, how it works, and how it functions. That way, when you’re making those critical decisions in work and in life, you can simply apply your blueprint that you’ve applied many times successfully, onto your next decision. Then you move forward knowing you’ve done […]

NLP At Work – Maximising Time Efficiency

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“The Efficiency Factor is one of the biggest frustrations that individuals and organizations are faced with”… Due to the multitude of tasks and diversity in the workplace, one of the biggest complaints I hear is “How do we become more efficient?” Efficiency requires the ability to think things through, to plan, to forecast, to check the entire picture […]

NLP At Work – Conflict Resolution Skills – Why NLP is For You

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Conflict is something that you’re not going to avoid… Your ability to deal with conflict in a resourceful and healthy way is directly linked to the quality of life that you’re going to have! Changing your mental state and recognising other people’s filters (Meta Programs) are essential in resolving conflict quickly. When you get a […]

NLP At Work: Persuasion Skills

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At work, having strong persuasion skills is non-negotiable… Whether it is resolving a conflict, getting a promotion or getting a raise; whether you’re in a senior position and you are getting buy-in to your vision, goals, your dreams and aspirations, strong persuasion skills are essential! Take the NLP Intro online course and discover the Magic of […]

NLP At Work: Is NLP For You?

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NLP at Work: In today’s workplace, for any professionals out there, we cannot afford not to have the skills… We have to have the skills to be able to stand up, to present, to persuade, to deal with conflict, so we can better communicate our messages and get the credibility we deserve! Take the NLP Intro […]

genius at work

Genius…Could you be one?

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Hello my NLP friends, could you be a genius? I know somewhere inside you’ve always considered that maybe in fact you are a genius…or maybe not. The fact is that although many people may have the ability for extraordinary intellect, many of the strategies that geniuses like Einstein, Mozart, and DaVinci had in common can […]

NLP Meta Model – How one little word changes everything…

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Modal Operators of Necessity – Can’t vs. Don’t – Meta Model language patterns… In NLP the Meta Model refers to specific patterns of language that effect how you frame your ideas about our behaviour. By changing one little word you can change how your thinking or saying something feels, as well as have a HUGE […]

NLP Techniques: Communication is the response you get

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Presupposition of NLP #1  – “The meaning of your communication is the response you get!” – NLP techniques and attitudes… NLP techniques employ several presuppositions to help you when communicating with yourself and others. A presupposition is simply an assumption or in this case an attitude. The NLP attitude “The meaning of the communication is […]