Staying on Track along Your Spiritual Journey

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Spiritual Journey Tree

A few days ago I had a visit from a new friend.  She is a wonderful woman, with a big heart and a kind spirit.

She like so many of us is on a journey of self discovery, some call it a journey to spirit, a spiritual journey; whatever you call it we’re on the same journey.

Again like many of us she too has dedicated much of her recent studies and has made a commitment to be the best human being possible. She has read all the great authors and knows all the wonderful inspiration quotes. She is good to others and gives wonderful advice when asked.

After years of study she “knows” much. As I listened to her speak about her challenges and the current set of problems she was overcoming, I couldn’t help but notice just how much we (as in all of us) are so alike.

She could not hear her patterns for fear and lack. She, although in theory understood that her personal beliefs are what decide what she will experience in her reality (our life) she could not hear/see or recognize her own limiting beliefs.

She could not accept that some of her motivation came from guilt and much from obligation. These are two of the most common motivators I see when I’m working privately with people.

For example

She just didn’t seem to be able to understand that while she was doing or being obligated to attend, participate etc, she was aligned with obligation. The energy vibration of obligation (all emotions have their own specific energy vibration) is very specific, and while she was aligned with that she was sending a message to the powers that be that obligation is what she enjoys.

That, at least is what is understood by the powers that be, because it is nonsensical that one would align themselves with something they don’t want when they could have anything. So as she is choosing to “be” obligated, then the divine would put in place more opportunities for her to experience obligation “Your wish is granted” and the domino effect of experiences continues along the line of obligations.  When she throws in some guilt, lack, fear or whatever well she gets that too.

What a jumbled tiresome experience. Those experiences will eventually translate into illnesses in her physical body. Everything from a cold to cancer originates in the same place. She will have created illnesses that have been directly linked to the specific limiting beliefs and feelings she has been having for years and more. It can get a little tricky at times because sometimes some of those beliefs are not even at a conscious level.  For the individual the belief most definitely is, “we never see our own poop”, but everybody else’s “poop” is as clear as day. LOL

I’m not here to preach…

I’m not here to tell you that breaking these old behavioural patterns is a simple task, I will tell you however that it is easy once you have decided to take the steps to do just that.

I have worked with many individuals privately to help them on the way to experiencing more of what they want and far less of what they don’t want.  They have experienced tremendous success, in recognizing their unresourceful beliefs.

Although they, like I are human and will have moments where they “fall off” that’s perfectly alright….at least they’ve trained themselves to become aware of noticing what it is they are doing that is bringing them situations and circumstances that do not feel good.

I meet many people each year, and from those people only a tiny handful actually continue on their chosen path without being distracted by the world around them or caught into the unresourceful, dysfunction that surrounds us.

Here are some ideas that may help you to stay on track…

  1. Decide what it is you want. Be careful with this one. Some people will make getting rich a priority. That’s ok rich is nice. Then they go and do all kinds of things that they are told that rich people do, but in actual fact rich people don’t do.  Rich people for example DO NOT put themselves in debt to get richer. They will use other people’s money (investors) perhaps, but they are not going to deplete what they have, in hopes of having more….hello?  what is that aligned with?
  2. Notice what makes you feel good from your heart, as opposed to your head. Many act from their head and the head is good, it gives us all kinds of good information, but it’s an idiot when it comes to recognizing what feels good and what is right for you. Your heart however is the authority on that one.
  3. Align with people that don’t ask anything of you. People that really want to help you to grow are not going to tell you that they have the magic or the answer for you. They may have much to offer you but they would never force you to do it their way, or even suggest that their way is the only way. They most certainly are not going to make you feel obligated or guilty. I realize this puts many people in your current circle into the “handle with care category” sometimes distancing ourselves from people we are closest to is a very good thing. It doesn’t mean you have to stop loving them. Just stop reacting to them.
  4. Keep doing things that make you feel really happy. These things are countless, and most people spend very little time, if any, doing what makes them really happy from the inside out.

Here’s to your happiness

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9 Responses to "Staying on Track along Your Spiritual Journey"
  1. Ken Attard says:

    So amazing how we sometimes do not see our own patterns. I for one am all for being happy and doing the things I love doing and yet I still Know all too well how to fall down sometimes. The steps above are brilliant and effectively really really simple. Reminding ourselves of these steps every so often will make life a lot easier and happier.

  2. An `Dru says:

    Nice tree 🙂

  3. An `Dru says:

    Seriously now: The major tool that I walked away with from this year’s PPP is the ability to be aware of me and my emotions and from this my thoughts and beliefs. Especially the hidden ones that need a jackhammer to find in the subconscious… An awesome tool! Thanx Jackey & Joseph & Ken 🙂

  4. Lotta says:

    It is not important what the teacher says, but what the student hears….

  5. Paul Cilia says:

    I am happy to share that I can see I have taken a seat on the obligation train. I see, So, something is not being about IT, but rather being done about the other train seat I want. SO far my progress is taking longer than I am happy with, but I share to validate how the above blogg is natural and valuable for me in that Its my private 9PPP seminar, ergo “I’m Learning Happier Ways”

  6. Paul Cilia says:

    ps. Thanks Jackie for this valuable piece of writing.

  7. Sandra says:

    I don’t know why I’m still surprised when the Law of Attraction brings to me more of what I am currently thinking/reading/learning about :o) The timing of this message is perfect. Thank you for the valuable check points ~ simple but effective ~ The truth that we already know if we listen to our hearts.

  8. Shtili says:

    It surprises me greatly when I realize that I have ‘fallen off’ when I have ever and ever more awareness and more tools and more zest to be ‘on my track’. Am I choosing to ‘fall off’ instead of staying ‘high up’? Why the hell would I do that for? At times I blame it jokingly to the tiny, small or big devils in me who as if have some will or way of their own and trick me into these.

    I see how many really and truly great things have happened and happen to me when I have and am truly and genuinely aligned with my real me and my wants. I sometimes catch myself that I am aligning with somethings else without always recognizing exactly what but I feel it is wrong/bad and I dwell into it and this is usually when I make a small or a huge ‘fall off’.

    I am aware that there are things I do only because I am supposed to or I have to or because otherwise I would meet disapproval, bitterness, criticism for being such a big egoist, not a good person, etc…I detest having to do something from true or invented feeling of obligation from the bottom of my guts and I get nausea…Even more so when while training myself not to align with obligation (or guilt or fear in that matter) I observe myself still doing it…

    As regards the point that we often are unconscious about our limiting patterns/beliefs/feelings etc. that is another reason why relations and communication with others are so important and enriching, because we see our image (or a side of it) much more clearly in the ‘mirror’ they are to oursleves and we might see some times some things we don’t like and then deny them as the fault of the other or learn more about ourselves…

    The article is amazing Jackey, Thanks for writing it and sharing it!

  9. connie laloui says:

    This is the first time I’m writing in a blog cause I feel it’s about time I overcome my apathy towards computers and start sharing my thoughts and feelings with some Great peaple I’ve met in this journey of self discovery. After all I cannot deny the fact that this has become the most common way of communication. I have been on this journey of self discovery for a very long time now and I feel it’s the only journey which gives great essence to this life.
    Thank you Jackey for sending us these reminders which we need from time to time

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