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3 Responses to "Meditation – Breathing in Breathing Out"
  1. Linda says:

    Thanks Jackey,
    I have a lot going on at home, with my health and at work and was having a tough time getting anything done anywhere because my thoughts were all over the place. This is helping me to focus.

  2. Alyce D'Amato says:

    Thank you Jackey! Your advice is always good for my soul. I’m someone who is constantly moving. I don’t really like down time. But as I get older I’m realizing how important it is to stop, take a breath and focus. Hopefully this helps me. Of course the first time I tried it I was interrupted within 20 seconds. Second time was better though. Always a pleasure Jackey! Alyce

    • Jackey says:

      Alyce, all I can say is 20 seconds is Amazing!!! for a first try – I think it took me a month to get to that! Maybe I had to figure out all the stuff not to be doing while breathing CAS, here’s a hug beautiful – thanks for leaving some feedback.

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