Meditation, Laughter & Change

Discover the Truth Within

Here's What You'll Get On The Tour...
  • All Inclusive Cross Country Tour of Thailand
  • 2- day Workshop on the Top 3 Ways To Be More Spiritual
  • River Boat Ride on River Kwai
  • Explore The Great World Wonder- Angor Watt
  • Elephant Ride Through The Jungle
  • Experience Authentic Thai Cuisine
  • Ride a Train Across Thailand
  • Majestic Beach's of Thailand
  • Professional Instruction and Guides
PLUS You'll Learn...
  • To practice the most powerful meditation technique known to man
  • How to reach the meta awareness state & choose non attachment anytime you please.
  • Discover untold insights about yourself while surrounded by complete abundance

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What is MLC?

Meditation Laughter and Change

Meditation... The ability to step back and access that "meta state" of awareness known as "presence" is a powerful skill that allows you to go with the flow, escape the rat race, and be in your environment but not of it.

Laughter... Immediately activates the higher centres of your brain and gives you access to reason, compassion, joy, peace, love and enlightenment. Join us and discover how powerful laughter is for learning to be happy.

Change... Change is a simple process yet it eludes so many because they forget that what you desire is a journey not a destination! Learn to allow your experience to unfold rather than continue struggling against the natural way of the universe and change.

The Meditation, Laughter and Change is an experiential 10 day tour across Thailand experiencing this beautiful country in all it's splendour as you discover your powerful source within as the beautiful and peaceful environment acts as a living metaphor for your own internal peace, love and happiness.

We culminate the journey with amazing 2 day workshop at a beach resort that will leave with you an expereince of a lifetime taking what you've learned along the way about accessing your source and infusing it into your consciousness so you may be more peaceful, loving and happy in your everyday life regardless of the circumstances.

Meditation Laughter & Change is based on meditative traditions of contemplation, the latest neuro-science about accessing peak brain states, metaphysical concepts and delivered through neuro-linguistic programming.

How Will You Discover The Truth Within?

Meditation Laughter & Change is a once in a life experience that has the power to Change the course of your life to be more aligned with the wonderful ideas you've always tried to live by but some how the experiences you want still seem to elude you. This is event is simply a must experience!

In our time together, we will employ a variety of Meditative practices including:
  • Explore Thailand through an immaculately designed tour and conscious meditation practices.
  • Laugh, Laugh, & Laugh some more...
  • Access your very spirit more strongly that ever before
  • Build the skill of conscious meta - awareness so you can learn to be more present.
  • Explore the various locals with plenty of free time to explore and contemplate on your own.

What Will You Learn?

As with all One Spirit events you'll learn by experiencing the course content through carefully designed exercises and techniques so that you will gain real life experience in applying this very powerful way of being,

You'll learn...

  • How to advance your spiritual development exponentially so you can experience divine states of peace, love and joy.
  • How to quiet your mind so you can connect with presence.
  • How to dissolve negativity so you can experience the joy of your true self.
  • How to STOP suppressing negative emotions and avoid future pain they cause when they surface.
  • Todays most advance methods for letting go so you can enjoy life while remaining non attached


so much more than words can possibly describe...

Who Will Help YOU To Discover
The Truth Within?

Jackey Backman

Metaphysical Teacher

Intl. Acclaimed Metaphysical Teacher, Speaker, Author & Trainer, Jackey will warm your heart, open your mind & make you laugh harder than ever have before ; facilitating your experience of discovering your source as she helps you dispel the illusions of "ego" and frees your compassion, love and awareness! Jackey is truly a gifted facilitator of Change and specializes in bring out the absolute best in human beings.


Joseph Takuski

Meditation & Qigong Instructor

High Performance Mind Coach, Spiritual Growth Facilitator & Meditation Instructor, Joseph will literally take you on a "journey to spirit" as he shares his unique insights of accessing source, having a high performance mind and living from your source regardless of the external circumstances that have held you back in the past. Joseph is a gifted Meditation Instructor and has an amazing ability to view any situation from multiple levels of consciousness simultaneously.


When Is It and How Can I Join?


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You'll Get 10 tour +2 day workshop, all accommodations and excursions included, most meals ( see brochure for details). Valued at over $4000.00 including the workshop.

For ONLY...

Full Price : $1900.00 USD + Tax
Early bird: 1599.99 USD +Tax (taxes only for Canadians)

* airfare not included ( You are responsible for getting to and from Bangkok)


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