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Emotionally devastated, robbed of my business, and I died,
but it didn’t stop me from achieving BIG SUCCESS! 

Even though now I’m living life my way; I travel the world, have great relationships, make lots of money and have excellent health, it wasn’t always that way.

After carefully planning every detail of my escape from working in an industry I had tired of, I partnered up and started my own business albeit in an industry I had become bored with.  But hey it was my own business and it was a big step, so it was different; at least that’s what I told myself.

Less than a year later I had a complete emotional breakdown and my husband and my one-year-old son found me holed up in a closet “hiding” from my life. After about six months of “rehab”, reading, studying and listening to anything that would help me to get back on my feet I decided I was ready and decided then that one day I would share what I’ve learned so that others could avoid making the same mistakes I’d made and they could find the success they seek faster.

Though I didn’t jump into the sharing bit, I did get back out there and while working in a new career I ran a full time business simultaneously. It was then an employee stole the biz from right under me.

Finally, after a time I sorted things out…again I picked myself up. I already had a strong background in business leadership and communications so I finally took another big chance and ventured out yet again into a whole new realm. I became a contract speaker for a large American public training company and I began sharing my knowledge as a leadership trainer in the corporate arena.

My life started rolling along pretty great again but, of course like many of, I fell in to my old patterns of putting too much pressure on myself and I became burnt out from being on the road too much.

I was driven to being the best mother, wife and speaker and I convinced myself I was doing what I needed to do and that I had everything under control.

Then my health became an issue. One of my Pap tests came back negative, eventually after retesting and some additional tests they told me to remove the pre-cancerous cells from my uterus by means of a cone biopsy. That’s when what was suppose to be a simple day surgery went terribly wrong.

After being home for two days I began to hemorrhage heavily and later that night I DIED. I had a near-death experience and it was only after dying that I finally had the courage to start truly sharing what I had learned over years of study and hard knocks.

My sons are now 21 and 17 and well on their way to full independence. Their father and I have a stronger, healthier connection and friendship than we have ever had.

I have a fantastic business partner who has my back no matter what, a wonderful business support team, a successful speaking, training, coaching and consulting business. I’m doing the work that I love helping thousands of people experience the success they want, and I’m earning the money I’ve always wanted.

I am committed to bringing out that absolute best in human beings, and when you’re ready I can show you how to overcome challenges, embrace obstacles and never again let anything stop you from living the life you want.

First life is good, and then it gets even better!

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