High Performance Life

Upgrade for Your Brain

Here's What You'll Get...
  • Uncover what's been holding you back
  • Discover how your brain really works
  • Learn how to change your negative feelings
  • Unshackle yourself from any unwanted habits
  • What to avoid to create the life you want
  • Top 5 Mental Habits that "lead" to success
  • The 3 keys of realizing any goal
  • The most up to date research on success and happiness
  • The latest upgrade for your brain!
  • You'll literally upgrade your beliefs at the event
  • You'll align your actions with your values at that the event
  • You'll integrate top strategies for health, money, career, peace of mind, & spiritual growth.
  • You'll get Life time Support & Discounts

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What is HPL?

High Performance Life (HPL) is a very powerful 3 day event designed to teach you how to get your life pointed in the direction you want and then learn how to stay there.

HPL teaches you how you are creating the results in your life right now and how to change them.

HPL focuses on 5 key areas of life Health, Relationships, Spiritual/God, Money, Career/Purpose and how to bring each of these into balance individually and with each other.

HPL is NOT another one of those motivational events that leave you excited but leave you hanging when it's over. You'll actually make positive changes in the way you think and feel at the event that can last a lifetime if you choose!

Because HPL is an NLP based training you are able to make changes to the way you are programmed to think , feel and behave faster than you ever imagined possible.

How Does HPL Work?

HPL works on the part of your brain where 90% of your daily experiences are generated from; your subconscious mind! we literally help you reprogram your mind for the success you say you want in the five main areas of life.

This highly inter-active, effective training that is also an incredible amount of FUN! We've designed it this way because human beings learn best while having fun, creating positive emotions and actually doing what they are learning.

You'll learn by watching, listening, and interacting with Jackey and Joseph as they use NLP™ to facilitate the changes you desire in the 5 key areas of life, then you will actually practice what you just learned with other participants through carefully designed and safe exercises. You can rest assured that your training will be provided by qualified licensed professionals.

Jackey and Joseph are licensed NLP Masters and experts in the study of human excellence! HPL works simply because NLP works!

What Will You Learn?

By gifting yourself this amazing training you'll learn "How" to identify your current subconscious beliefs, values and strategies and then determine if these are aligned with what you want out of life. Then you can decide which ones need to be changed, and we'll help you change them right there at the event with a series of extremely powerful processes and exercises.

You'll learn to...

  • Make the best decisions...so that you can be motivated when its time to be motivated!
  • Identify Your limiting beliefs... so that you can stop doing the things that are hurting you!
  • Leave behind relationships when it's time to...so that you can start new ones!
  • Love your work...so that you'll can find great purpose in what you do
  • Believe in your abundance...so that you can have more than enough money
  • Examine your self without judgement...so that you can have the courage & willingness to let go & let God!

Who Will Help YOU To Unlock
The Power of Your Subsconcous Mind?

Jackey Backman

NLP Master, Trainer and Executive Coach

Internationally Acclaimed Metaphysician, Speaker, Author & Trainer, Jackey Backman is one of those few people that truly understands what living a High Performance Life "really" means. She lives one and can guide you too... find great purpose, discover love that lasts, uncover peace of mind, attract abundant prosperity, and experience vibrant health and energy!


Joseph Takuski

NLP Master, High Performance Mind Coach

International High Performance Mind Coach and NLP Master, Joseph Takuski has a rare knowledge of the power of the mind and body connection for health, abundance, life purpose, relationships & spiritual growth. He is also an highly skilled Meditation & Qigong Instructor and avid enthusiast of self development. Joseph is adept at living his own high performance life and thus guiding you to live yours.


What Is It Worth To YOU To Change
Your Negative Conditioning?

What is it worth to YOU to gain the ability to...

  • Live The Life You Want With Greater Certainty?
  • Overcome Subconscious Obstacles in your Path?
  • Turn Negative Beliefs into Positive Ones?
  • Free Yourself of Fear & Doubt?
  • Have a Clear Direction in Life So You Can Make Decisions with Clarity?
  • Have Higher Self Esteem and Confidence!
  • Handle Difficult Thoughts and Situations with Ease?
  • Choose an Outcome and See It Through?
  • Uncover the Success Strategies of People You Look Up to and Apply Them to Your own Brain
In Other Words...

How Much Is It Worth to You to Unlock Your Unlimited Potential?

When , Where and How Much Is It?


Special Pricing!!

You'll get over 24 hours of High Performance Mind training to upgrade your brain for your health, relationships, career, spiritual, money etc. which has a proven real life value of over € 3700.00       (24 x € 200.00/hr our regular consulting rate)


At the Door: €695
Early Bird: € 595

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