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  • February 13, 2016
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

What is Meditation Made Easy (MME)?

Meditation Made Easy(MME) is a very powerful way of making any meditation practice easier, more effective and accessible to anyone.

MME demystifies and unlocks the keys to achieving powerful states of peak performance, intuitive insight, and expanded awareness that until now many people have believed was only achievable by saints and sages.

When you learn to make meditation easy… you will learn what meditation really is, when you are meditating and at what level, why meditation can benefit anyone, and how to meditate anywhere anytime through your senses, through stillness and through movement.

You’ll discover that without even realizing it you may already be meditating and you’ll also learn how achieving these states of mind in the past have helped you succeed.

You’ll unlock a powerful ability with yourself, that everyone regardless of religion, social status, ethnic background, and beliefs, already has within them.

Here’s what you’ll discover at Meditation Made Easy…

What is meditation “really”?

  • Why do it, and how will it change your life for the better?
  • What are the 3 types of meditation and which is best one for you?
  • How to know when you are in a meditative state and at what level.
  • How to clear your mind of distracting thoughts faster than ever before.
  • Why meditation doesn’t take years to master and how you can benefit from it right now.
  • How to move years ahead in your practice and reach levels of serenity, peace and joy you’ve only ever before heard of…
  • How to practice a ‘Living’ Meditation.
  • How to deepen your practice of Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi and any moving form of meditation with one simple principle.
  • How to meditate in ways you’ve never thought of before.
  • How to bridge your conscious and subconscious mind so you can utilize its unlimited potential…
  • How to meditate anywhere, anytime…
  • What is the ‘ultimate’ form of meditation and why anyone can reach it?
  • How to access your source in any situation with meditation through awareness.
How Will You Learn to Make Meditation Easy for You?

Because this seminar is very liberating, illuminating and effective we ask that you bring an open mind.

You’ll find our meditation instructor Joseph Takuski to be very open as he shares his unique points of view on meditation and guides you to your own personal breakthroughs at any level.

You’ll learn to make meditation easy by watching and listening to brief lectures on connecting with your “source”, and then you will actually practice and gain experience with what you just learned through carefully designed guided meditations and exercises.

You can rest easy knowing that your experience will be provided by an experienced and professional meditation instructor.

Meditation Teacher | Joseph Takuski
Joseph is a certified NLP™ Master and was introduced to meditation as a child. He learned to use meditation throughout his life to achieve extraordinary results in sports, personal development, and business and has been blessed with an abundant awareness of peace, love and happiness.

Joseph has developed a great love of meditation and all its forms throughout his 25 plus years of exploration and experience.

Joseph will now guide you as he has so many others to access the “source” of your own health, wealth and wisdom and be all that you can be through his guided meditations and trainings.

Who Will Benefit from Attending Meditation Made Easy?

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Your Instructor

Join International Meditation/Qigong Healer and NLP Master Joseph Takuski as he demystifies the art and science of meditation and shows you precisely how you can meditate easily and effectively for athletic performance, spiritual growth, healing, and personal development.


"It was an absolutely wonderful experience!... A really worth while day!...A must for all"

Sue Valsamakis - Malta Europe

"Now I understand how the magic works...A fire works festival inside!"

Paul Cilia - Malta, Europe

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!... I have learnt many things and recognized that I meditate allot during my day... Also thanks to your 'I'll take you there' CD's. Those were the start of my meditation experience"

Ryan Scerri - Malta Europe

"Thank you very much for your healing advices and sharing your knowledge of Love, Happiness, Joy and Peace with us... "

Stephanie Zammit - Malta Europe

"As Joseph led me through feeling peace with myself, my loved ones, my enemies and finally the world, and very high feeling increase within myself, by the end the feeling became so strong it was overwhelming...Actually better than ecstasy!"

Matthew Gatt- Malta Europe


Malta University Residence
Robert Mifsud Bonnici St.
Lija LJA 4015

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