NLP Magic - Intro to NLP

This beginner level program is designed to awaken your awareness of how you are already using NLP every day and show you how you can develop competence in 7 NLP basic skill sets today

Instructed by Jackey Backman


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NLP Magic – Intro to NLP

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Course Description

NLP Magic is an excellent introduction to NLP for any beginner and also great “back to basics” course for any experienced NLP practitioners.

This course is based on the 7 foundational NLP skills sets that anyone can learn and apply in their field or expertise or in their personal life.

The videos in this course were recorded at the live workshop and include special home play exercises that are designed to give the home study student and experience of the course material presented.

Guided step by step with Emotional Intelligence expert and NLP master/trainer, Jackey Backman you will enlighten you to a world that is going on around you whether you are aware of it or not.

With NLP training, you gain the awareness of influencing factors on your life and the lives of those around you and you gain the power to more consciously effect positive results.

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