Our Mission

How We Serve You..


Our mission is to inspire and empower YOU to master your mind, make better decisions and connect with a deeper, more powerful part of yourself so that you CAN be the absolute best human being you can BE!

Our People

Who Serves You..

Jackey Backman

Jackey Backman

Head Trainer, Speaker, Coach

Jackey is a world class
corporate consultant
NLP trainer and coach that
knows how to bring out the
absolute best in human
beings like YOU!

Joseph Takuski

Joseph Takuski

Trainer, Speaker, Coach

Joseph is an NLP master,
meditation expert and
high performance mind
coach that knows how to
help YOU unlock your
power within!

Ken Attard

Ken Attard

Speaker, Customer Service

Ken is a talented
speaker, presenter
and coach! He makes
YOUR experience with
us simply the best in
the industry!

Our Story

Why We Serve You..

One Spirit Inc. was founded May 30 , 2002 as the brain child of Jackey Backman and Joseph Takuski...

Two life loving people looking to make a real difference in their own personal lives and in the world around them.

Jackey and Joseph met at an NLP Practitioner Certification program held in Toronto, Canada a few short months before One Spirit Inc. was born.

Throughout the NLP training program Jackey and Joseph had many opportunities to work together on the course materials and a close friendship was developed in a relatively short period of time.

It didn't take long for these two to realize that there was a real synergy between them and that this could be a partnership too good too pass up.

A few short months later while sharing some deeply personal insights with each other by telephone they discovered that they shared a core belief that became the founding principle of One Spirit Inc. and is its name sake.

"We are all the same at our essence and it is through the concept of unity that people really start to come together and respect, love and honour one another"

"Wouldn't it be great to have an organization that served as a melting pot?

One that would bring together many different disciplines in the personal development and corporate training worlds and offer these empowering ideas in the spirit of the "One" that we all are.

Thus One Spirit Inc. was born...