Universal Butt Kicking

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That’s what I woke up to today. Most of you I imagine have had a ‘butt kicking’, but for those of you that haven’t had a ‘universal’ butt kicking, the difference is that you don’t see it coming, where in the more common butt kickings you know you’ve done something, push somebody’s buttons, tempted fate…something. […]

Timelines and Soul Sistas

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What a year I’ve been having!.   I haven’t dropped much personal information about my time out here in the Middle-East despite your requests.  It wasn’t a matter of not wanting to share its just that it’s been an exceptionally challenging growth filled year and I’ve had to sort things out in my own mind before […]

Tough Choices

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Sitting alone on the cool marble floor of an empty shopping mall, I take a moment to rest my disillusioned mind. The mall is empty because is is 2:30 in the afternoon and all of the shop owners have shut their businesses for an afternoon nap.  It’s too hot to anything but nap.  Better to […]

Where in the world is Oman?

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That’s where I’m going to spend the next year of my life. Actually it’s in the middle east, current temperature 30c. I can live with that. I’ve taken a contract and will be developing leaders on a one year program.  From there I’ll see what happens, maybe I’ll stay longer.  I’m so excited I can hardly […]