You are not your behavior…

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“You are not your behaviour! or Complex Equivalence yet another potentially unresourceful pattern. “Because I do ____, means I am a bad person” or “Good people don’t do _______” Your behaviour is not who you are. Your behaviour is simply your behaviour. It can be crappy being around you, or maybe there are times that […]


Are they telling me the truth?

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Have you ever just known that someone was not telling you the truth? It would be pretty darn cool to be able to tell when people aren’t being completely honest wouldn’t you agree? The first time I heard of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), was during an intensive Trainer Training I attended many years ago. Tucked […]

love strategy neonheart

What’s your Love Strategy?

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Love strategy…is it possible that we all have a strategy for getting love? Are there things that we do, or say that we believe are going to get us the love we want? Are there things that others say or do that somehow we interpret to mean they love us? Is it different for everyone? […]

Brad King Nutrition Researcher

I met Brad King? – NLP Training Article

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Most of us have heard the saying “perception is reality”, or “ what we perceive we believe”It really is the truth, however what we perceive is only OUR reality.  Sometimes our “reality”  is highly useful and conducive to experiencing a wonderful life, sometimes it is not. I said to Fredrik the other day   “I’m ready […]