The 3 Key Roles of Leaders

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You can be a leader at work, home, play. Anytime, anywhere. Now at work the leader isn’t always the boss.  If you are the boss and your not the leader I assure you someone else in your team is…I hope for your sake they’re a good on.   I’ve seen far too many leaders let their […]

perfect universal hand sign

You Are Absolutely Perfect

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No matter what they say, you are perfect. No matter what you believe they think about you, you are perfect. Your hair, your eyes, your face. Your smile, your size, your shape. You’re perfect. You are strong enough, smart enough, brave enough. Fast enough, cute enough, confident enough. Everything you will ever need to be […]

Catch them doing something right

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There is a ton of information out there on leadership. Well actually leadership and management.  Being a good manager and being a good leader although related required two seperate skill sets. Management, as the expression goes, is about doing things right.  Whereas leadership is about doing the right things. Many times we do the wrong things […]