Success Strategies – Rest

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Rest has as long as I remember one of my biggest challenges.  Even as a teen the fear of becoming “lazy” or  “wasting the day away” were deeply embedded in my mind. These fears I unknowingly brought with me into adulthood, and even today I can truly say that when it’s time to rest, well I […]

For What its Worth – What to do with a rambler.

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Hmm where do I start with this one?  Well I guess the best place to start is at the beginning (as usual) and in the case of a rambler the begining would involve doing my best to determine why they’re rambling. Together with that, and before I do anything, I’ve got to get clear in my head […]

Something just clicked

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Hey guys and gals. I just finished off a week teaching “how to handle conflict and confrontation” or something like that.  Wow I am always so impressed at the amazing people that I get to meet. It really blows me away. I mean really, I know how I teach…it’s completely unconventional and at times possibly even […]