What a week

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Without a doubt I find that the more I learn, the more amazed I am at just how little I know. Thanks to all of you in the past few months that have attended my workshops…you have been exceptional teachers for me.  I am truly grateful. until next time be well jackey

“Tell my child to stop eating sugar”

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The anxious woman took her son to see Mahatma Ghandi, anxious about his health.  “please sir tell my child to stop eating sugar” Ghandi said to her ” bring your child back in 2 weeks” After 2 weeks the child returned with the woman.  Ghandi looked the child in the eye and said “stop eating […]

It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool…

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than to speak and remove all doubt. So last week I’m up in the North West Territories…Yellowknife doing some work with the Government of NWT…awesome, grounded, sincere human beings man I love going up there.  Now some of you think I’m off my rocker. The temperature was around   -35 with the wind chill factor it brought it down to -51 […]

Drunk lady yelling!

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So I’ve just checked into the Days Inn in Barrie Ontario Canada.  Walking peacefully (or so I thought) to my room on the first floor. Directly in front of me comes this petite woman with a really big mouth.  She’s yelling (as she passes by hotel rooms and me) at the top of her lungs […]

Are you a rambler?

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You know what a rambler is… a person that once you get talking you just don’t stop.  Some ramblers don’t even break for air. Then there is the “circumstantial rambler”  one who rambles only under certain circumstances, like when they’re nervous, or upset?  Well I’m looking for comments from everyone that has a suggestion, advice or even experience with dealing with the […]